Who we are

Global was formed through the Goedert Group's decades of expertise on the international marketplace.

With a history marked by solid partnerships and successful negotiations, we are committed to offering efficient and innovative solutions that meet our clients’ specific needs.

Our strategic headquarters in Shanghai, one of Asia's main commercial centers, reflects our proactive approach to facilitating international trade.

With a physical presence in China, Global is well-positioned and able to streamline and optimize import and export processes, working to develop suppliers in several different countries.

Shanghai Office

Goedert Group's Expertise

Goedert Group is an industry reference in the manufacturing, commercialization, importing and exporting of products in the hygiene, cleaning, well-being care and organization sector.

Operations in all Brazilian states and partnerships through several different countries.

Global's Expertise

At Global, we understand the importance of efficiency in logistics processes and the precise management of foreign trade operations. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

We are committed to simplify the complexity of international trade so that our clients are able to focus on expanding their businesses.

Sustainability and Compliance

Global’s approach is based on well-established values, such as transparency throughout all transactions, consistently seeking out innovation, and commitment to sustainable practices.

We believe that these pillars are essential for building lasting relationships and contributing to the sustainable development of international trade practices.

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