We have different business fronts united under the Goedert Group brand: industry, distribution channels, retail, import and export.

From our headquarters in Santa Catarina, we serve more than 17 thousand customers in all states of Brazil and in Mercosur, having in the Resales sector our main sales and distribution channel inside and outside the country. There are more than 7,500 points of sale supplied with our products.

To better serve the B2B branch, made up of merchants and entrepreneurs, we have the telesales sector. Through this channel, we offer practical, cost-effective solutions.

A part of our company is specially dedicated to retailers such as cleaning products stores and supermarkets. What makes it possible for our mix to be present on shelves in different establishments, taking innovative solutions throughout Brazil.

We also have a division responsible for supplying the home centers in order to increase and strengthen our presence in different places, for different audiences. Thus, our customers can find all kinds of Nobre brand items in their favorite store.

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